Elaine De Bauport.

     Elaine De Bauport, Ed.D will always remain for me as my true master. There is quite a lot about her available on the internet mainly as an innovator of new methods of educating children with dyslexia. I met her in 1984 when I took part in her three day long workshop which she organized once each month and during which we sat in a circle in the garage attached to her home in Connedicot.  From that day only our travel outside of the country, her or mine,  could cause my absence in what  I judged to be a circle of ten of the most remarkable women  I have ever had a privilege to belong to.

     Elaine De Beauport Dr. ed. constantly stressed that, the most valuable thing she was teaching us was, to see our brains as energy centers.

     All matter is energy, she would often repeat, and therefore all we are is energy. Let’s assume than, she would say, that energy formed itself into a hand, an eye, a nose and different parts of the brain systems, and that our brain’s energy centers like all other, can go from the thick and very evident, to the thin which are invisible. Elaine has also identified ten different intelligence's, which are located within the brain knowing, that each of them is behaving in its own way and that what is most important, all of them have the ability to be educated and changed.

     The practicality of Elaine's work was demonstrated when it was named by her and incorporated as "Self Care", into the standard orientation program for nurses constantly working under enormous stress at busy Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.

     In the last chapter of her book called “Three Faces of the Mind”, Elaine does two things: she focuses on social philosophy and on individual action in a way that is now twenty years after publication of her book amazingly current. 

     The section on social philosophy talks about what religion, government and education have to do. She teaches that the most important thing religion has to do is to allow its values to be updated. And that because of the tremendous impact it makes on the world we live in, democracy has got to change drastically as well. And of course as a renown educator she did reach the pinnacle of her carrier when she established, currently thriving, the most innovative Mead School in Stanford Connecticut.

     In conclusion in terms of brain systems, she maintained that there is a overwhelming amount we have to demand of our governmental leaders, particularly of the ones we have democratically elected.

      To my great sorrow, since I still miss her, Elaine succumbed to cancer and left us at the age of 79 in 2012 asking us to continue her work, with the emotional intelligence  which she valued most dearly. During our last meeting in October of 2011 I again begged her to come to Poland and teach about the Emotional Brain but she was not well enough. So she took my hand and asked me to dedicate to it some Space in my Spa For The Soul and call it Spa for the Emotional Intelligence.




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