Everything that happens to us - happens for us.


Five steps to Radical Forgivenes:

1. We concentrate on a difficult to forgive situation.
2. We experience pain and anger as victims.
3. We attempt to forgive in the usual way.
4. We realize that what has happened to us really happened for us.
5. We forgive, lose our victim mentality and heal our lives.

     Radical Forgiveness did change my life. The belief that my soul chose everything that happened in my past and everything that will happen in my future and that all of it is for the benefit of my spiritual growth has changed whatever fear I had into love thereby creating for me a life worth falling in love with. It is in sharing that love of life where I found my life's passion, and it is that passion which has convinced my soul to stay with me for a while longer. As the guests to my website you probably realize that what I am doing In Poland has become to some measure, at least as far as new information is concerned, THE PLUS in the name of my website which I call Radical Forgiveness Plus.   





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