What is in my soul soup?

     I decided that this next important chapter of my sharing with my English speaking friends must be entitled MY SOUP. Again, as in the Polish version it will be mostly about my metaphoric soup, but just for fun for some of you like for me, I would like it to also be a memory of my rich mostly potato dill and sour cream soup cooked in a very large pot. The smell of it permeated my whole apartment promising because of the size of the pot many possible repeated trips to the kitchen. A fabulous Zabar’s ray- bread and, on many Sundays the mood of sharing once started never ended for the duration of the meeting, whether it was Dromenon or Women Share. The well appointed doormen and the magnificent facade of the yard added to the mix and all was well with the world or so at least it seemed to me during the meetings while I was still in my unwrinkled and unbent by a spine curvature state.

     So much for the real soup and now for the metaphoric one. Of course by the very nature of my II World War, and other experiences some ingredients in my soup would not be digestible by themselves however I am convinced that for me they were essential and needed, so that my Soul Soup could bring me to the precious stage of constant sharing it with people in which, I find myself right now. I am most grateful for my longevity and my ability to still constantly find, thanks to the masters I meet and books I read, the countless AHA MOMENTS, my miracle filled life is constantly presenting me with since 1982. I will attempt to mention here a few masters I had the privilege to meet whose work blew the winds of wisdom my way and by doing so helped me sail while making a difference.

     Meeting the best EVOCATEUR of New Age, Dr. Jean Houston while accompanied by 450 other Possible Humans during a weekend workshop by that name was first and my description of it in “Spirituality 101” which I wrote soon after it took place, does it justice.




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