My life skills.


     As this latest act of my life’s drama happily unfolds before me, my set of survival skills seams to grow substantially all the time, and I am delighted to notice that so does my ability to share it. Being old definitely has made my body less agile but, it has not decreased my mental energy supply and my ability to use it with ease in my work with others.

And so in its shortest form, of not wasting it or not WOEING”. Following are the rest of my favorite “dogmas” done in their shortest possible form.

- I stay in the NOW, and do not waste energy on thinking about anything either in my past or in my future that doesn't support my love of life. I do not engage
 W O E Waste Of Energy

- I use the energy gained that way for my optimal growth and a connection with my soul, in other words for F_O_For Optimum Growth.

- To do it, I find something uniquely my own I can get involved in with passion, that special something, which uses all of my abilities and of my creative potential and which helps me to find my M U D My Uniqueness Defined.

H E A L myself and others using,  Heavenly Energy Applied Lovingly.

I observe, do not judge, and L O V E my life just as it is while I am Living Overwhelmed by the Velocity of Evolution.

I trust the choices my soul made for me during this lifetime and don't waste energy on F E A R  which I experienced in the past when I was Forgetting Evolution being Atrophied by Restrain


I do not worry about any business for which I am not able to make and follow a business plan.


     Perhaps My life skills is a better name for what I have written above. and I do hope that the energy field I call my soul allows me easy access to more of them as I proceed to my 100 birthday.

     When I contemplate the structure of my soul I see it as a part of the fastest and strongest energy of the Universe which penetrates all of the cells of my physical, mental and emotional body. Everything which is in me and around me is MY LIFE’S ENERGY. I know that I have a lot of it even now at my age and I also know that I must not waste it.

     When I gave birth to my older son, I was 22 and my younger one, 23. When I was bringing them up I knew that I was not wasting energy and used it with joy. I was happy full of love. However when at the age of forty five I was diagnosed with lymph node cancer, I realized that around me begins to form an energetic vacuum. I promised myself then, that if I survive I will find something to do with my life which will prevent me from wasting energy. As yet, chemotherapy has not been discovered in 1973 at Sloan Kattering Memorial and so one month after the operation I could concentrate on carving wood at the League which was most conducive to avoiding lymphedema of the arm damaged during the mastectomy.

     Since from early childhood I adored making things from plasticine, becoming a sculptor was quite easy and within a few years after studying with Bruno Lucchesi at the National Academy, and Lorrie Gouley at the Art Students League I was able to leave the animation industry, sell my bookshop and become a successful sculptor of dolls and figurines, as well as a sculpture teacher.

    I enjoyed this juncture in my life but then, after thirty years of marriage, my husband suffered a fatal heart attack and died. Suddenly at 52 I became a widow. And everything had to change. It did, and when six months later I went to my first workshop with Jean Houston called The Possible Human. I realized that I too was ready for that change. It happened during that workshop and the next twenty five years in Jean’s Mystery School as well as during the five years of close work with Elaine DeBeauport. I knew that I finally was on my way to becoming a spiritual being and I allowed myself to experience a paradigm shift which has added a tremendous amount of Life’s Energy to my Soul.

     When in the summer of 2002 I was diagnosed with another lymph node cancer and had another radical mastectomy I was 73. I chose quality of life rather than its quantity and refused chemotherapy. During a Sunday meeting with August Gold a few months later, I met Colin Tipping, discovered Radical Forgiveness, became its coach and in 2004 introduced it in Poland.

     During the last 14 years for at least seven months each year I have lived in Warsaw, which I am deeply in love with, and from which I have traveled to very many places all over Poland making friends, with whom I share my inexhaustible love of life.




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